Doki Doki

Hand Roll Bar

Hand roll, n.m.: Japanese dish - Like a long maki hand-prepared by the chef from the finest crisp nori seaweed, filled with warm Japanese rice and a raw fish recipe, but also veggie. Served immediately after being rolled, the handroll is eaten by hand in four crunchy bites.

"DokiDoki", in Japanese, is the light, delicate sound of a heartbeat. Far from the "boom boom" of the heartbeat, it evokes the palpitations, barely perceptible, of the excitement of the moment, of blushing cheeks and trembling hands. In each of its addresses, Doki Doki makes your heart beat with its star product: the Handroll.

Japanese food,

New-York Style

Japanese food,
New-York Style

About Us

The first handroll bar in France

Doki Doki delivers a fast, fun, accessible and cool bar experience.


Our goal: perfection on the plate

Our primary concern is to deliver the freshest, highest-quality products.


Doki Doki

also at home

Tailor-made catering and a dedicated chef for your private events.


Tuna Tartare

Thinly sliced red tuna, trout roe, sesame seeds, fresh chives, ponzu sauce


Shiso Roll

Nori seaweed, vinegared round rice, avocado, shiso leaf, roasted sesame seeds


Doki Doki Louvre
59 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Paris 1er
Open 7/7 12h - 15h et 19h - 22h30
Continuous on weekends


Doki Doki Marbeuf
11 rue Marbeuf
Paris 8e
Ouvert 7/7 12h - 15h et 19h - 22h30
En continu le week-end