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Our obsession: quality

Doki Doki offers the highest quality Japanese gastronomic experience in a fun and accessible way. Our goal: perfection on the plate.

Our main concern is the quality of our products.


Nori leaves: In southern Japan, in the Ariake Sea, mountain water feeds these nori leaves, adding to their alluvial notes, a crazy minerality, and an incomparable crunchy-smokiness. An experience in itself.

The rice: Wrapped in seaweed at the very last moment, warm, vinegar-coated Japanese rice of the highest quality gives the hand roll its melt-in-the-mouth texture.

The fish: Salmon, yellow-tail, tuna, lobster, crab... the fish and shellfish tartarized before being entwined with their seaweed, are extremely fresh and Doki Doki strives to work with local, sustainable producers.

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